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About wtMaths

About wtMaths

wtMaths is configured for the English GCSE Maths (9-1) syllabus at both Foundation and Higher levels, the iGCSE Maths (9-1) at Foundation/Higher and Core/Extended levels, and the Scottish National 5 exams (for both the Application of Mathematics and Mathematics).

Some topics are only set for a specific exam. Make sure that any topics you are looking at form part of the course being studied.

The web pages are free to use.

There is also an app available for the iPad and the iPhone for the GCSE exams. It does not cover iGCSE or Scottish National exams, although a lot of the topics are the same. Answers to each question are fully explained with all working shown. Each question is linked directly to the appropriate web page that contains an explanation of the topic with worked examples. There is a small charge (via in-app purchases) for accessing the app questions: there are a few free questions to try.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or come across any errors, please let us know at meadow2055 {at} gmail.com.

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We are a father-and-son team based in the UK. The father is a qualified teacher, and has taught Maths at GCSE and at A-level. He also has extensive experience in computing. The son has extensive computing in app design for iPads and iPhones.

The wtMaths App is available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store and covers Maths for GCSE (Higher and Foundation). The app is loaded with exam-style questions: in-app purchases are required to unlock all of the questions.