Example screen shots

Answer questions by entering values, selecting a single option from a list, selecting multiple entries from a list or sorting. Questions are marked immediately, with full working given for each answer.

example select screen example input screen example multi screen example summary screen example feedback screen example graphics screen example graphics screen example graphics screen example graphics screen

Additional Info:

There are no plans to release the app for Android; neither are there any plans to release a desktop version for Windows or Mac. These plans may change at a later date.

We have worked hard to remove as many mistakes or misunderstandings as possible, but it is likely that some will still remain. Contact us at meadow2055 {at} gmail.com, and we will fix them. Because we are a small, indie outfit, we will respond as quickly as possible to any errors, omissions or comments.

You can download the app for free and try it out. There are dozens of free questions throughout to help you get a fee for the content and, when you have decided what modules you would like to study, you can purchase them as In-App purchases from within the app.

We are a father-and-son team based in England. The father is a qualified teacher, and has taught Maths at GCSE and at A-level. He also has extensive experience in computing. The son has extensive computing in app design for iPads and iPhones. Between us we want to build a solid, reliable product that helps students with their Mathematics.

The wtMaths App is available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store. The app is loaded with exam-style questions: in-app purchases are required to unlock all of the questions.