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Using the Web Pages and the App

Using the Web Pages and the App

Each web page is an individual topic. There are several ways to get to a topic: use the Unit (at the top of every page) to get a list of Chapters. Then select the required chapter to get the first topic in the chapter. Use the button at the foot of each topic to go onto the next topic.

A second way is to pull up a list of all topics (click on topics at the foot of each page). The topics are organised by Unit/Chapter. Click on the required topic to go straight to that topic.

Pages have been configured for print and mobile use. The print option suppresses all headers and footers (except those that are added by the browser: in some instances these can also be switched off). however, the adverts will be printed.

Using the App

You will need pen, paper a calculator and a geometry set to complete all the questions on the app. Note that some questions are marked as non-calculator.

Answers may be required in one of five ways. A #Numeric# or #Text# answer will automatically display the keyboard: when the answer has been entered, click on Done .

A #Single# answer may be requested from a list: choose the required answer and hit the Submit button.

A list may be shown that requires a #Multiple# selection ( Tap one or more answers is displayed below the Submit button). Choose the required answers and hit Submit when done.

Finally, a list may have to be placed in #Order#. Tap and hold the required item from the list, then move to the required position. When the list is in order, tap Submit .

After answering, wtMaths will indicate whether the question was answered correctly. For an explanation of the answer, tap on the Explain balloon. Tap Learn more at wtMaths.com to be taken directly to the web page that discusss the topic in detail.

wtMaths shows the questions that have been answered correctly from that chapter in a fly-out from the left hand side of the screen. Use the navigation at the top of the flyout to move back to other chapters or units.

The Summary page shows questions answered in the last seven days, and totals for all-time. Swipe to the left to see a breakdown of questions answered by Unit.

The wtMaths App is available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store and covers Maths for GCSE (Higher and Foundation). The app is loaded with exam-style questions: in-app purchases are required to unlock all of the questions.