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Angle Names

Angle Names

Angles measure the amount of turn, or change of direction.

Angles are measured in degrees. A number that is a degree has a small º immediately after the number: 153º means 153 degrees. There are 360º in a complete turn. Half a turn is 180º, and a quarter turn is 90º.

In geometry, angles are seen when two lines join at a point.

Angles have names, depending on the amount of turn in the angle.

Types of Angle

Example 1

Four angles of the same type make up the inside angles of a square. What is the name of that type of angle?

A square consists of 4 equal angles. Each angle is 90º. An angle of 90º is known as a right angle.

Answer: A Right Angle

Example 2

I have an angle of 88º. What type of angle, or angles, could it be?

a) Acute Angle b) Span Angle c) Right Angle d) Square Angle

An Acute Angles is greater than 0º and less than 90º.

Answer: a) Acute Angle