Coefficients as Fractions

Coefficients as Fractions


The number at the start of a term - for example, the number 3 at the start of 3x, is known as a coefficient. The coefficient of 5x3 is 5. But the coefficient need not necessarily be an integer; it may be a fraction or a decimal.


1. Simplify `frac(1)(2)`a + `frac(1)(3)`a.

Answer: `frac(5)(6)`a

`frac(1)(2)`a + `frac(1)(3)`a = `frac(3)(6)`a + `frac(2)(6)`a = `frac(5)(6)`a

2. Multiply `frac(1)(2)`b and 4b.

Answer: 2b2

`frac(1)(2)` x 4 x b x b = 2b2