Integers are used to count objects.

An integer is another name for a whole number.

Integers greater than zero are positive numbers. Integers less than zero are negative numbers.

The times table consists of integers. Numbers 3, 11, 45 and 136 are all integers. Zero is also an integer.


1. Which of these are integers?
45.66, 3, 3`frac(1)(3)`, 47, 1001.1

Answer: 3 and 47

45.66 and 1001.1 are decimal numbers. 3`frac(1)(3)` is a fraction.

2. What is the next integer after 33`frac(1)(2)`?

Answer: 34

The number is between 33 and 34, the next integer is 34.

A number with a decimal point is NOT an integer.