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A net is the surface areas of a shape that have been unwrapped and laid flat. The net can then be folded again back into its original shape.

Alternatively, a net can be folded up into a 3D shape.

The net must form all the surfaces of the original object, and it must be one continuous shape itself.

there may be more than one net that can construct the same 3D object: for example, In the sequence below, the top could have been attached to the first, third or fourth side.

Cube Cube with one side unwrapped for a net Cube with a second side and top unwrapped for a net Cube with a third side unwrapped for a net Cube with all sides unwrapped for a net Cube as a net in plan form

Example 1

Draw the Net for this shape.

Wedge shape

In an exam, the drawing would have to be accurate. Measure and draw all the required lengths.


Net for wedge shape

Example 2

A net is shown below. What 3D shape does it represent?

Net for a cylinder

The rectangular part of the net is the tube part of the 3D shape.

The two circles are the top and bottom of the cylinder.

Answer: A cylinder