Number Prefixes

Number Prefixes


A prefix comes at the start of a word, and helps describe the word.

Prefixes exist for both large and small numbers, and can be seen in everyday life. Examples include kilometre and millimetre.

The prefixes and their corresponding values, both in normal number and standard form, are shown below for both large number and small numbers.

prefixes for large numbers

prefixes for small numbers


1. An engineering company makes a very small part which forms part of a larger piece of medical equipment. The part consists of six layers of metal, which are each 2.4 nM (nanometers) thick. Write the overall thickness of the part in standard form.

Answer: 1.44 x 10-8m

6 layers x 2.4 x 10-9

14.4 x 10-9

1.44 x 10-8

2. One Astronomical Unit is about 150 gigametres, which is the distance from the earth to the sun. Write this number in standard form.

Answer: 1.5 x 1011

150 x 109

=1.5 x 1011