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Types of Polygons

Types of Polygons

A list of the more important polygons is given below. A polygon is a 2D shape that consists only of straight sides. The name of the type of polygon depends on the number of sides.

A regular polygon has sides of equal length, and a triangle and rectangle have special names when these polygons are regular.

Sides Name Regular
3 Triangle Equilateral triangle
4 Quadrilateral Square
5 Pentagon
6 Hexagon
7 Heptagon
8 Octagon
9 Nonagon
10 Decagon

Example 1

What is the name of a regular 3-sided polygon?

Note that the only regular triangle is an equilateral triangle.

Answer: Equilateral Triangle

Example 2

If a 20p piece had straight edges, what type of polygon would it be?

A 20p piece has seven edges.

Answer: Heptagon