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Properties of Solids

Properties of Solids

The names of 3D solid shapes should be known. The number of faces (the flat surfaces), the number of edges (where two faces meet), and the vertices (corners) should also be known.

Name Shape Faces Edges Vertices
Cube Cube 6 12 8 All edges are the same length
Cuboid Cuboid 6 12 8 All corners are right angles
Cylinder Cylinder 3 2 0 No vertices, as two edges do not meet
Sphere Sphere 1 0 0 No edges and no vertices
Cone Cone 2 1 0 No vertices, as it only has one edge
Triangular Prism Triangular Prism 5 9 6
Hexagonal Prism Prism 8 18 12
Square-based Pyramid Square-based pyramid 5 8 5 The bottom of the pyramid is a square
Tetrahedron Tetrahedron 4 6 4 All edges are the same length
Frustum Frustum 3 2 0 A cone, with a small cone removed from the top

Example 1

Name a shape that has only three faces.

A circle at each end; and a curved surface going them.

Answer: Cylinder

Example 2

What is the difference between cube and a cuboid?

The edges of a cube are all the same length; the height, width or length will vary.

Answer: The edges of a cube are all the same length; the edges of a cuboid vary in length.