One Quantity as a Fraction of Another

One Quantity as a Fraction of Another

Basic, GCSE(F),

To show one number as a fraction of a second number, make the first number the numerator, and the second number the denominator.

For example, what fraction of seats on a bus are occupied if there are 35 passengers on a sixty-seater bus? Calculate `frac(35)(60)`, which simplifies to `frac(7)(12)`.


1. A soap detergent comes in a single size of box that weighs 2kg. The company is producing some sample packets that contain 100g. What fraction is the trial size compared to the full size box?

Answer: `frac(1)(20)`

The fraction is 100 g out of 2kg. Make both fractions the same units: 100g out of 2000g.

Create a fraction = `frac(100)(2000)` which simplifies to `frac(1)(20)`.

2. A TV screen is sold as a 40cm screen size. The company create a larger size that has a 50cm screen size. How much bigger is the larger television?

Answer: `frac(1)(4)`

Create a fraction which is `frac(50)(40)` (the larger television is being compared to the smaller television).

This simplifies to `frac(5)(4)`, or 1`frac(1)(4)` times larger.