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One Quantity as a Fraction of Another

One Quantity as a Fraction of Another

To show one number as a fraction of a second number, make the first number the numerator, and the second number (the number it needs to be out of) the denominator.

Example 1

A soap detergent comes in a single size of box that weighs 2kg. The company is producing some sample packets that contain 100g. What fraction is the trial size compared to the full size box?

The fraction is 100 g out of 2kg. Make both fractions the same units: 100g out of 2000g.

Create a fraction = `frac(100)(2000)` which simplifies to `frac(1)(20)`.

Answer: `frac(1)(20)`

Example 2

A TV screen is sold as a 40cm screen size. The company create a larger size that has a 50cm screen size. How much bigger is the larger television?

Create a fraction which is `frac(50)(40)` (the larger television is being compared to the smaller television).

This simplifies to `frac(5)(4)`, or 1`frac(1)(4)` times larger.

Answer: 1`frac(1)(4)`

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